Feel Great Moment!


Too proud not to share, but if my son busts me, I’ll be disowned forever…or at least until tomorrow 😉  Today was my boy’s 8th birthday and he woke up with a "am older now" charm.  Was sweet as pie to his little sister, whom he normally loves to bug (brother and sisterly love…lol) and was just being the most charming boy.  It was actually starting to freak me out, but in a pleasant kinda way 😉  Don’t get me wrong.  He is a little charmer, but this was to the max! 

So, in our family, who’s ever birthday it is, gets to pick where we are having supper.  My son picks the food court at the mall (lol), which is right up my alley because I’m an Opa (Greek) fanatic!  As the kids are chomping into their burgers, and I’m waiting for hubby to get back with his food so I can dart off for Opa, the most beautiful moment happens. 

I’m chatting with my son about his day, and he’s telling me that this is the very best birthday he has ever had and that he’s having a great day.  Which is very nice, right?  I say to him, "wow, it’s already the best birthday, and you haven’t even opened your gifts yet!  I think now that you are a year older, you really see what is most important, and that is sharing your special day with people who love you."  Well, with that said, the birthday boy’s eyes well up with tears, and he has a huge smile on his face *reaching for tissue*.  You know when the sun is shining and it’s raining at the same time?!?!?!  I get up, move to his side of the table and give him a big hug.  He reasures me that he’s okay…he’s just SO happy!  This is my 8 year old boy!  What happened last night when he was sleeping?!?!?!  It was just so precious!!!  I admit, I welled right up with tears too, and could barely contain them from spilling over the edge.  With that, my husband arrives and has a puzzled look on his face….lol.  My son says, "It’s okay Dad, I almost cried because I was so happy!" 🙂  That was just a really feel good moment for me, as a Mom. 

It was truly one of the most special moments.  I hope my boy continues to appreciate the things that really matter throughout his life.  It takes some people a life time to learn that, and some sadly never get it at all.  Right now, he gets it, and I hope he never lets anything else get in the way.

On the flip side, and somewhat related to this topic….  I will always remember my son’s 8th birthday for another reason.  I think I found my 1st gray hair!!!! OMG, I was horrified!  Trust me, I checked it out from every angle possible, even in different lighting!  My 3 year old daughter thought something tragic had happened, based on my reaction :S  Now that the heat of the moment has passed, I can accept this gray hair as one that I worked my butt off to earn 😉  I can find it in me to embrace one, but only one!

Don’t kid yourself, I’ll be breaking out the hair color before the week is over 😉
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