Weekend Winddown


This weekend has challenged my body and mind, but I survived! lol

The weather has been messing with my body this weekend.  Isn’t it wonderful to be able to predict the weather before you even open your eyes?  At least you can plan ahead what to wear!  Yesterday morning I awoke with a pounding head in addition to the regular daily dose of agony and ridgidity from being unmedicated at night.  If there is anything that will throw me over the edge, it’s a headache!  Isn’t that odd, considering all the pain and suffering that I fight through every day?  I have absolutely no tollerance for a headache…lol.  It boggles my mind that for all the pain meds I take, the only hope of relieving my headaches is Super Strength Motrin….or in yesterday’s case, 8 over the span of the day. 

One of the highlights of this weekend, was playing "Planet Earth" with the family.  My son received it from his Aunt, for his birthday.  It was so much fun!!!!!  If you haven’t heard about it, or seen it, you can check it out here:


It’s not a game you would want to start if you are short on time.  It’s perfect for a lazy day or afternoon.  We had a couple of hours to spare, so I snuggled up with my cozy throw into my ultra cushiony couch and enjoyed the fun 🙂  Maybe we’ll make it a Saturday afternoon family ritual!!! 😉  I love games, but don’t have the brain power these days to keep focused or concentrated for a long period of time.  This game only requires you to focus for a minute or two at a time 🙂  Woohoo!!!  That, I can do!  Well…most days anyway :S

Tonight I’m winding down after a fun filled afternoon (highlight #2).  We had my son’s friend (who is one of my dearest friend’s son) over for a belated birthday celebration.  The boys have known each other since the day my son was born, and it’s always so nice when they can spend some time together. 

Tonight I am hoping that I might get a restful sleep.  Seems that I have built up a tollerance to the current sleep med.  I’ve been taking it, at the same dosage, for quite some time.  My first indication that I don’t have much time before a switch or increase will be needed, is that I start remembering my dreams.  If I’m dreaming, that’s a BAD sign!  Less than 2 weeks later, here I am getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep and then after that, waking up every 20 minutes or so. 

Off I go to drink some Extra Strength Sleepy Time tea for the next couple of hours…LOL! 

Fingers crossed that it will be the winning ticket  for sleep tonight 🙂

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