Here’s The Situation


One of my meds, and I’m guessing it’s my sleeping pill is causing me to do things in my sleep.  They are
mostly harmless, but still…

This is one examples of a harmless activity I do in my sleep:  I watch shows that I taped on my PVR.   It seems that I stop the show after awhile.  When we go to watch the show the next day, we discover it’s either part-way through, or at the end, however I don’t remember any of the story.

Another example; during the day or early evening, I pick up my book and start reading.  Figure out that I have no idea what is going on in the story.  So I keep going further and further back to something that I do remember reading.  I figure out it’s because the bookmark is way ahead of where I actually stopped reading.  So, I let it go at first and then notice this is happening more often.  Originally, I thought that my 3 year old daughter was moving my bookmark.  Then I figured out that it was probably me reading under the influence of this medication, and as a result, not remembering anything I read.

The one thing I do almost every single night, that bothers me the most on many levels is sleep eating!  Hubby and I have put pieces of the puzzle together by the evidence I leave behind.  Seriously, this is getting to be a little ridiculous and needs to stop, but not sure what the solution is.  Most of the time, it seems to be cold things from the fridge that I throw together in a salad or a sandwich.   Sometimes it’s something I microwave.  This is always a mystery to try to figure out the next day, based on the dirty dishes I leave behind….usually on the computer desk!  LOL!  Apparently I’m not a very tidy person in my sleep.

The first time hubby and I figured out that I did this was completely mind blowing!  I was wiping down the kitchen counter when he went upstairs to bed.  The kitchen was clean when I went up to bed.  When I got up the next morning, there was a dirty fry pan on the stove, the kitchen counter had traces of butter on it, and a dirty plate was left on the counter.  My first reaction was that my husband made the mess!  I have to admit, I was unimpressed.  Then my common sense kicked in that hubby doesn’t even eat at home before he leaves for work, but of course, none of this is making any sense.  So, I text him and ask him if he was cooking in the kitchen.  Nope!  The last he saw, the kitchen was clean when he went up to bed, and woke up to the mess.  He thought that maybe I got hungry before bed and made what we figured out what eggs of some sort.   I don’t remember anything from this at all! 

So, my concerns about the sleep eating are obviously (1) safety.  What if I don’t turn off the burners or oven?!?!  To my knowledge, I’ve only used the stove once in my sleep.  Concern (2) is that I’m going to pack on a ton of weight if this continues!  As it is it’s so hard to lose the weight I’ve gained from meds and not being active, due to fatigue and pain.  I’ve already been doing this for quite some time, and I don’t always make the healthiest choices in my sleep! :S

We talked about it last night, and other than switching meds, which I’m running out of options there too, we might have to lock the freezer, fridge and pantry at night. :S  This seems a little ridiculous, but we can’t think of any other way to stop me…LOL!  We laugh about it, but it really is a problem that needs to stop!

So, I started doing some research, and it seems that it could be drug-induced anterograde amnesia.   I checked reactions to my medication on Wikipedia (I love that site!) and sure enough, retrograde and anterograde amnesia are listed as less common reactions. 

From what I understand, Anterograde Amnesia is loosing the ability to create memories for a certain period of time after the medication takes effect.  From what I have gathered, during the time I am actually reading, watching TV, eating, I am aware of what I am doing.  It is after the fact that I won’t remember.  So hopefully that means I would be as careful with using appliances as I am when I’m awake.  During the day I’m always double checking everything to make sure the burners are off after I’ve used them…ect because of fibro fog. 

Retrograde amnesia is the loss of memories that have been created before the medication was taken.  Fortunately I haven’t experience retrograde amnesia….as far as my hubby and I are aware. 

I don’t have any worry that I will try to drive or leave the house, since I mostly dread going out, and am most content in the comforts of my home.  

This will definitely be a topic at my next doctor’s appointment, now that we are beginning to understand what this is all about!

For now the goal is to figure out how to make me stop all together, preparing food and eating in my sleep 😉

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