Finally Got A Break!


Headache is finally gone, AND I’ve managed to get my pain down a couple of notches 🙂


bad room 1


I really wish I could have been around more these last couple of days! 

On a positive note, my daughter and I have had a TON of cuddle time this week.  She is such a cuddle bug, which is right up my alley.  She is also completely obsessed with "butterfly kisses"!  For anyone who might not be familiar with this expression of affection, let me explain.  It is when you flutter your eyelashes on someone’s cheek…feels like butterfly wings…lol.  She has also taken to kissing the tip of my nose….LOL!  Yes, she is a very affectionate little girl, and she brings me so much joy and comfort.

Fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be mobile enough tomorrow to spend some time with you guys 😉

Woohoo!  The weekend has finally arrived!  No major plans happening here, but I am very much looking forward to enjoying a little quality time with my husband and kiddies.  Saturday afternoons have become family game time, but the rest of the weekend we’ll just be rolling with whatever happens 😉

Happy Weekend!!!

~ Sweetest Dreams & Gentle Hugs
testimonial of angel

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