You Are Not Hallucinating

There is something I think you should know about me, so I’m just going to clear the air on this right away, so that we can move forward. I am technologically challenged, on some days more than others. You are bound to see evidence of this issue at some point, around here. I thought you should know, as I wouldn’t want you thinking that you are hallucinating or that your fibro fog is getting worse when you visit 😉 I am learning a lot about techie stuff, but still have a ton to learn!

Today I added a few new “gadgets” down the side of the page.   One of these gadgets is a counter, and it’s driving me CRAZY! Of course, the digits are supposed to change, with each visit to the site, but mine is frozen in time. When I compare it to the statistics on the account, the counter should say “626”. Instead it’s holding strong at “610”, which is what it started at when I added it to the page. So, we have a little problem. I’ll figure it out 😉

If you didn’t notice yet, there is a new link for a “Relaxation & Meditation Timer” on the right hand side of the page. It’s directly above the defective counter…you can’t miss it. Check it out, it’s pretty neat!

For now, I leave you, so that I can try to figure out my counter issues, as this is bound to drive me crazy until I get the problem resolved.

Hope you are having a great Saturday evening!


~ Gentle Hugs

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