Supporting Men With Fibromyalgia


Today’s post is dedicated to men suffering with FMS and CFS.  Research indicates that 1 in 8 people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are men. I often wonder if that number is so low because so many men are suffering silently. Or perhaps their doctors are not even considering the possibility that men also suffer from this syndrome. It would be interesting to know what percentage of men suffering with Fibromyalgia have NOT been diagnosed, and the percentage of cases that are unreported.  Obviously there is no way of knowing that, however I do believe that the numbers would be alarming.

It breaks my heart to think that our male Fibromites are suffering in silence and trying to walk this journey alone. This is why today I am trying to help our Fibro Guys create more awareness, that this is NOT something that only affect women. There are a lot of men out there suffering with the same symptoms as we are, and I’ll bet many of them are suffering silently.

Fibro Chicks are starting to create awareness and our voices are getting louder. I think it is really important to help our Fibro Guys do the same. Although men and women might suffer with many of the same physical symptoms, the impact it has on us mentally and emotional can be quite different.   Offering support to our Fibro Guys can help them find hope, confidence, courage and a voice to create awareness that men are stuggling with Fibromyalgia too.

I was pleased to find that there is a website dedicated to men with Fibromyalgia. They offer a variety of sections on the website, including personal stories of men with fibro, articles, forums, a live chat room, humor & fun, and lots more. Women are also welcome, and they have an area in their forum for “spouses” of men with Fibromyalgia. This gives “spouses” the opportunity to come together and support each other. If you would like more information about the website “Men With Fibro”, please follow the link:

If you are a man suffering with Fibromyalgia symptoms, or you love a man who is, I would love to hear from you! I’m not conducting any researches or anything like that….lol. I’m simple a person who suffers from this beast, and I’m hoping you will join me in creating a place of support, where everyone feels safe to let their voices be heard.

Comments can be posted anonymously if you prefer, or you can always email me directly at

Please come back and visit again soon! I will be posting more on this topic in the future!


~ Gentle Hugs

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