Morning Madness

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I don’t know about you, but mornings are by far one of my most challenging times of the day.  To my none challenged readers, we call you guys "normals"…lol, this may not seem like a big deal, but for the rest of you, I think you’ll see where I’m coming from.  (BTW, using the term "normals" is just a simple way for chronic folks to differentiate the difference between you and us when we are talking about something, and it is not meant to be taken in a negative way for anyone.  What really is normal?)  SO back to the morning craziness. 

Let me first say that I love my children until the end of the galaxy, however, by the time I’ve delivered my son to school, I’m ready to go back to bed, and on most day I DO!  Morning chaos is just not a great way to start the day.  This morning’s crisis was brought to you by my handsome 8 year old not being able to find his library books, and practically having an anxiety attack over the situation.  Last night, I heard his Dad, with my very own ears, reminding him that today was library day at school.  Ya think my little man took the hint to locate the books….ummm NOPE!  Ya think I remembered to check his school bag last night, to make sure the books were in his backpack…..ummm NOPE again!  So this morning, he’s all in a panic.  I’m usually the Mom who comes to the rescue, but today I seriously barely have the energy to breathe.  When this chick has been up half the night fighting pain and not getting sleep, I’m a grumpy bear in the morning.  ROAR!  So, today my son is learning the lesson of responsibility.  If it’s not library books, it’s something else.  So I’ve decided instead of dealing with the same crazy issues every morning, he is going to have a night time check list, and a morning check list. 

By this point you might think I’m nuts, but I assure you, I’m still barely sane, and I’m hoping that smoother mornings may prevent me from crossing that very fine line to complete insanity 😉

Well, I’m off to ice some regions of my anatomy that you’d rather not hear about, I’m sure.  I will leave you to ponder that idea for awhile!  I’ll meet you back here this afternoon to post YOUR comments from yesterday’s "Invitation To Play Doctor" and my husband diagnosis 😉

I hope you had a smoother start to YOUR day!

~ Gentle Hugs

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