Yesterday’s Question & Today’s Answer


I have to tell you it REALLY inspires me when I get feedback and interaction from readers!  I discovered a love for blogging, and YOU help fuel my desire to blog even more!  So, a big, huge, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart! 🙂  Reading all the guesses that were made, was awesome! You guys came up with some great answers! 

So before I disclose our (yes, I’m trying to claim partial credit for my husband’s brilliance) theory, I wanted to address some comments and questions. As I’ve mentioned before I am not (nor is hubby) a doctor or an expert, and what I write on my blog is from my own experiences and understandings. Now that we got that out of the way, and nobody can sue me for impersonating a doc or malpractice, here we go…

As far as I’m aware…my blood pressure is normal, as it is checked regularly. I DO however have times when my blood sugar levels take a small dip. Blood test results have shown that my blood sugar is slightly low.  When I feel a little low, I’ve been able to easily resolve it by having a quick snack handy. That being said, these episodes have not resolve with food, or juice, which I have tried.  MY first guess was the same as many of yours, that it was my blood sugar.

I’m not pregnant, diabetic or schizophrenic (a reader’s diagnosis…lol) and I haven’t had any panic attacks in stores or in my kitchen 😉  I do experience some anxiety when there are crowds of people, so I try to go when it’s quieter or take some meds to chillax me a bit 😉 AND Dr. Elaine is fired! Just kidding, you know I love you girl 😉

Sue brought up a really interesting question about Botox to treat Fibromyalgia, as it has helped her a great deal with frequent migraines. Which by the way Sue, I’m SO HAPPY it is working for you!!! I know it’s not a cure or a perfect solution, but it is progress, and steps in the right direction. I know you too, appreciated and cherish those good days! Botox has been approved by Health Canada to treat FM trigger points, but to my knowledge, there is not much research on the benefits and safety of this treatment. I think if anyone would offer me this treatment, it would be a specialist at the Chronic Pain Centre. I’ve read some articles where they report several trial study participants with FM experienced higher pain levels in areas that were NOT injected, and that another study was terminated early because of negative effects from the treatment…so, I don’t know…lol. FM continues to baffles the medical community. The two medications that have been approved for treatment of FM in Canada have been successful in a small percentage of patients. I have tried one of the two and the side effects where BRUTAL, for ME. Everyone is different, and I know people who have had success on each of the two, so it’s trial and error. I am highly sensitive to medication, so depending on the severity of side effects, I have to weigh the pros and cons, and see if I can tollerate the meds.  

OKAY, so finally, here’s hubby’s theory:

He believes it is most likely florescent tube lighting. If we retrace the places I was, each time we can recall this happening, it makes sense. Walmart, Toys R’ Us, Build A Bear, my kitchen…lol! It’s all the same lighting.

So, until the weekend, we are avoiding using the light in the cooking area and we are getting through with the light over the table…LOL! It’s kind of funny to watch! Meanwhile, I’m researching light bulbs, and we’ll deal with that on the weekend 😉 I’m avoiding florescent tube lights until we figure out the best way for me to deal with the nasty effects.  I’m leaning toward sunglasses….what do you think?  Will security in stores follow me around if I keep my eyes hidden behind shades?  On the bright side, at least someone will be nearby if the sunglasses don’t work, and I hit the floor 😉

Thank you again for coming by and joining in, it means more to me than I can ever express! I hope you will continue to visit, read, and comment here at Chronic Connection.  I really enjoyed this little medical mystery 🙂  If YOU have a medical mystery that you would like me to post, for others to guess your diagnosis, please send me an email at  I would love to play!

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Thanks so much, I had fun, and I hope you did too 😉


~ Gentle Hugs

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5 Responses to Yesterday’s Question & Today’s Answer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Jo at your service
    Hon, It sounds like you have a vestibular disorder, which can go hand in hand with FM/ME/CFS. You should ask your Doc about it!
    Halogen lighting at home, or an Ott Light (mimics natural sunlight) would probably help in the kitchen… and a LOT of people that suffer more in the winter use OTT lights as part of their treatment!
    Hugs and love
    Jo-Jo… um… Dr. Jo-Jo

    • Nancy says:

      Re: Dr. Jo at your service
      Why, thank you Jojo (((hugs))). I’ll read up on that and see if it sounds like me… sigh It’s definetely something I’ll be mentioning to my doc. It’s not just a slight feeling of unwellness, it’s OVERWHELMINGLY nasty!
      (((hugs & love)))

      • Nancy says:

        Re: Dr. Jo at your service
        I’m just reading now…I don’t have any of those symptoms hon. I’ve had vertigo before, and this doesn’t feel anything like that. I haven’t had that horrible feeling since I’ve avoided the flurescent lights. I don’t get dizzy, and don’t have balancing problems. I have stability problems, but that’s my hips and knees. Aren’t mystery symptoms a blast! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    flourecant lights
    That was the very first thing I thought of but didn’t think you would have them in your kitchen so took that one off my list. They can be horrible on some people although I don’t think wearing sunglasses will help. I thought it was something they emitted. A friend of mine’s son had horrible stomach problems as an infant and the grandmother used to preform Reiki on him. It was amazing to see him transform without even her touching him. (she did it to me once too) She said the tv being so close to his room was the problem and once it was removed from that wall his stomach was much better. Not sure it’s the same but just a comment.

    • Nancy says:

      Re: flourecant lights
      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this post. Wow…that’s very interesting about the TV. Amazing how many things can affect our health! It’s only been 3 days since we stopped using the florescent light in the kitchen, but I haven’t had that horrible feeling since. I know…lol, it sounds weird to have that in the kitchen. It’s one of those long, shaded ones…a long rectangle. Came with the house 😉 I don’t know much about the fixture, but we’ll either be getting halogens, if we can get those long tubes, or replacing the fixture. Thanks again for your reply!

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