Shame On You!

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A dear friend of mine has become a victim of blog content theft (splog). Another website has copied all of her posts that she had on her blog and posted them to their website as their own. They have done the same to MANY people as well. We aren’t talking about ideas, or YouTube videos, or things that are passed around by email and Facebook. These are posts directly about her and her family’s life, her health struggles, and her feelings. These are posts that came directly from her thoughts and heart, which have been copied word for word. How can people be so pathetic? What joy do they get in doing that?

Although I’m confident that my dear friend would agree that she feels similarly, I can only speak for myself. The joy of blogging isn’t by assuming another person’s life story. There are many reason why people blog. This has been a way for me to take something that has turned my life as well as my family’s, upside down, and create something positive from the circumstances of my health, and furthermore, my life. This gives me an opportunity to share MY life’s experiences with friends, family, other chronic pain sufferers and the rest of my readers in hopes that it might have a positive impact to someone out there who is reading. I really enjoy blogging and am finding it to be very therapeutic at the same time.

Allegedly, they may be doing this to create traffic for their own selfish purposes, and no regard how that impacts others.

SO, to those that copy and paste stories of peoples’ lives, and post them as though it was their creation…



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To my dear readers,
I apologize for having to post this,
however this is an issue and others
need to be aware.

To my friend who this happened to,
you GO girl!!! 
I love you my dear (((hugs))).

~ Gentle Hugs


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