It’s a Start!



As the saying goes, "You have to start somewhere", and as my grandmother used to say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

Today I registered for my first two classes, through the Chronic Pain Centre. The first class takes place once a week for two weeks and it is called, "Understanding Pain". It is a more in depth explanation of the lecture "Introduction to Pain", which I watched today. See…. I’m doing my homework 😉 

It is my understanding that this class helps to improve one’s understanding of the neurobiology of pain. They also explain what scientists now know about the causes of chronic pain. The class helps to build awareness of how our nervous system adapts and it covers strategies in regards to things one can think about doing or changing to impact their experience with pain.

The second class runs once a week for four week, and it’s called "Smart Moves". It is for people who are wanting to learn ways that are safe for them, to be able to do more functional tasks or activities. They teach one how to set realistic goals and what to be aware of during movement.

So, for now, this is where I’m beginning my journey as an outpatient at the Chronic Pain Centre. At home, I’m working through their series of lectures (10 to be exact) that cover various topics.  As I mentioned above, today I completed the first one, which is "Introduction to Pain".  It really is amazing how complex our systems are! I love learning new things, especially in regard to how our bodies work, medicine, treatments and anything concerning health and my illnesses.  Knowledge really is power! Can you guess what my favorite subjects in school were? Lol

So, I have 1 lecture done and only 9 left to go (LOL!), but like my hubby told me, "It’s a start".

~ Gentle Hugs

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