Gearing Up For Weekdays

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Doesn’t the weekend seem to go by so quickly? 

As much as I am never eager to see Monday mornings roll in, there is an aspect of weekdays that do me wonders, that seems to get left behind on the weekend. Weekdays force me to live on a schedule. Up until very recently, I have always loved days when I am NOT required to be on a schedule, but I’m quickly realizing I NEED schedules and routines.   

My medication, supplement and vitamin schedule is a busy one…LOL. Everything is listed on a dry erase board on the inside of one of the kitchen cupboard doors, where my “stash” is found. It’s been a real challenge, finding a system that will keep me on track, and remind me whether or not I have taken what I should be taking, at the proper times. It starts to get pretty scary when you are on powerful meds, and you can’t remember if you took a dose or not, and you don’t want to risk an accidental overdose, so you have no choice but to go without. If you didn’t in fact take it, and you went without, that just causes a whole other series of problems. I started emailing myself, from my Blackberry after I took whatever I was scheduled to take, but that did not work out very well for long. Yes, I’d forget to email myself….arrrg! My hubby went to Walmart and picked up this dry erase board. I have to sign my meds out…LOL! It works awesome! So, each night, I prep the list for the next morning, and as I take what I’m scheduled for, I check it off while it is in my hand, and before I swallow it. Holy crow, am I the only person that has this issue? I feel really high maintenance sometimes!

On weekends, I like to try and sleep in a bit, but then everything gets thrown off kilter.

What I really want to do when my alarm goes off at 7am is to turn it off and hide under my cozy warm blankets, however, tomorrow morning I will try to remember that it is for my own good!

Sweet Dreams!

~ Gentle Hugs

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