Is it just me?

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I’m I alone in this?  Surely I can’t be!

I try to find ways to conserve whatever energy I have, which is usually not much. It seems that I waste 75% of what I do have, frantically looking for things because I can never remember where I put stuff. It drives me CRAZY! Papers, forms, information, doctors letters, all that good stuff gets misplaced, out of order, and in with other papers where it doesn’t belong. Bills, spelling sheets, statements, more crap from the condo board…how many trees do we waste on all of this? Newsletters, kids drawings, why I’m I finding documents with my hubby’s company logo in my pile of papers? Ooops, sorry honey, I think this belongs to you! 

So last night, I got myself some binders and started punching holes in everything. What are the odds that I’ll misplace the entire binder?  LOL! Knowing myself, odds are not in my favor, but then it’ll make it easier for the rest of the family to help me find it 😉 My poor hubby is always helping me find things that I’ve unintentionally hidden on myself. The man has patience, and he must be an earth angel to live with me, and not lose his patience with my poor memory and lack of ability to stay focused. I’m hoping that by finding ways to stay better organized, it won’t only save my sanity, but my husband’s as well!


I love you Babe!  I appreciate your patience 🙂 lol


~ Gentle Hugs



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