Yay For The Rodent!

Happy Groundhog Day!

groundhog Pictures, Images and Photos

As I’m sure mostly everyone is aware that today is Groundhog Day in Canada and the United States.  In case you are not familiar with what happens on this day, I’ll explain šŸ˜‰  If the groundhog sees his shadow, it’s predicted that there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  If the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow, then it’s predicted that winter will be cut short and spring will roll in early šŸ™‚

MY regional groundhog did NOT see his shadow…woohoo!  Early Spring for me šŸ™‚

To find out what your regional rodent predicted, click on the link below and scroll down to find the closest location to you.


Here’s a video on You Tube… Have fun! lol


~ Gentle Hugs

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2 Responses to Yay For The Rodent!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That photo cracked me up! LOL. Happy Ground Hogs day!

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