Can We Skip Thursday?

Thursday Graphic #19


Today, I’m paying for yesterday. Ouch!

Yesterday’s class itself was great. The person who gave the class is awesome. She is a great public speaker and keeps her audience interested. The class was informative and interesting and gave be a better understanding of how the vicious cycle of chronic pain operates.

However, the atmosphere for the class was a chronic pain patient’s nightmare. The room was cold, the chairs were hard plastic, and the room was brightly lit with florescent bulbs. Eeek!

All things considered, I managed to get through the two hours, but by the time I got home I was feeling pretty yucky.

I woke up in agony this morning and my meds are doing very little to help yet. Yesterdays hard chairs have come back to haunt me. So, today I anticipate a very quiet day in my house. With any luck, lots of cuddle time with my daughter 🙂

On the positive side, I bought myself a new heating pad, which I’m quickly falling in love with 🙂

Sorry to be so brief, but my heating pad is calling me from across the room. I doubt very much I’ll be sitting at the computer much today, but I promise to make it up to you 😉

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

~ Gentle Hugs

 Chronic Connection

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