Screeching Halt

Yet another entry brought to you via Blackberry, from bed.

This afternoon’s “break” rapidly became a complete halt in activity. As the pain in my body amplified with each passing minute, reducing me to tears, there was not going to be any other option.

Every now and then I get a brainy idea to test my limits, and today was one of those days. I’ve been walking this road long enough to know to pace myself and approach physical activities with caution, yet I still get the uncontrollable urge to barge ahead recklessly once in awhile at the first sign that I’m having a “good” day. By good day, I’m not saying pain free…I honestly cannot remember what it feels like to not have pain in all four quadrants of my body simultaneously. By good, I mean that I am getting around without the instinct to hold my breathe or clench my teeth, or hold my hands in a tight fist. Does anyone else keep sticking their hand in the fire even though they get burnt every time, or am I just a slow learner? 😉

Maybe its a way of periodically testing my limits!?!? Or maybe I’m just trying to prove to myself that although I will pay the price (and it’s overpriced for what I accomplished), I am capable of completing tasks that really need to get done, when I’m having a better than usual day. The question is, at what price? Now that I’ve gotten my recklessness over with, I should be able to leave well enough alone for awhile, and not subject myself to anymore limit testing experiences.

OH! Before I forget to mention this, I discover the notes I wrote down during the Webcast, are mostly a repetition of the PDF version of the presentation which I have saved on my computer. Too bad I didn’t think to look over that file prior to the Webcast, instead of frantictly trying to take notes on every word spoken! Fibro Foggy Friday, it was! 😉 So, as I mentioned yesterday, if anyone would like me to email them the 20 page file, please feel free to email me at

The Webcast most certainly brought up certain emotions and opinions for me, and I will likely be posting an entry on that topic sometime in the next week or so 😉

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well!

Sweet Dreams & Gentle Hugs

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