An Ounce Of Comfort

My top 10 items that bring me comfort, especially during a nasty flare:

1) Micro Mink/Sherpa Blanket

2) Warming Oil of Olay Pedicure Scrub (don’t stop at your feet, it feels great on sore legs & hips too!)

3) A hot bath with a bath bomb (chocolate scented ones are awesome)

4) My memory foam pillow

5) My giant fuzzy purple pillow (the kind that you use to prop up in bed, to read)

6) Raindrop bath oil

7) My fuzzy pink slippers

8) My Magic Beanbag (frozen…don’t ask…lol)

9) My moist heat, heating pad

10) Hots cup of sleepy time tea or hot chocolate at night

What things to you keep on hand to help you through your particularly rough days?

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One Response to An Ounce Of Comfort

  1. Anonymous says:

    My short list
    How about a nice massage from a hunky man?!? That ALWAYS makes me feel better!
    Epsom Salts in the bath…. us fibromites NEED magnesium!
    And an ice pack on my face or neck….
    There are a few more things that make me feel better in a flare!
    Jo-Jo 😉

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