Computer Chaos

BUBBLY MESS Pictures, Images and Photos

Today, I have both kiddies home with me instead of the usual one.  My son is sniffly sicky boy 😦  We’ve done surprisingly well this school year, with keeping ourselves and the kids germ free, so I guess it’s time to pay our dues!


Get Organized Pictures, Images and Photos

Now that I put a system in place for all my "paper" stuff (refer back to the binder post…lol), which is an ALMOST complete process, I’m focusing on organizing the computer and my RSS subscriptions.  Eeek!
I have shortcuts, and icons, and bookmarks and rss feed going everywhere.  It’s total chaos, and I can’t believe my hubby hasn’t inquired yet, to what the heck I’m doing with all this stuff which is anywhere and everywhere you look!  I’m sure he must be having some level of difficulty navigating around my big scattered mess.  I know I am!!!

Get Organized Pictures, Images and Photos

So, if I temporarily unsubscribe to your blog or site, it’s only because I’m trying to get everything under one roof, if you know what I mean 😉

Get Organized Pictures, Images and Photos

With any luck, I’ll have everything looking pretty before my hubby gets home, and he’ll be pleasantly surprised that the computer is cleaned up and organized 🙂

Get Organized Pictures, Images and Photos 
I miss the days were I was always so organized and I didn’t have these major "cleaning" sprees to contend with!  My goal is to get back to those days 🙂


What’s on your agenda today? 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!!!

~ Gentle Hugs

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2 Responses to Computer Chaos

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s so funny you are doing this because I was looking at a big pile of filing I need to do. Not enough energy today.
    I, too, wish for the days in which I can have very caught up all the time!

    • Nancy says:

      Re: oranigzation
      I’m well on my way to accepting that everything eventually gets done in due time 😉 Good luck your your filing! You should invite a couple of people over, and have a “filing” party 😉 lol!

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