The Fun Things You Can Discover On The WWW

I enjoy playing around on Wikipedia.  Isn’t it amazing how much information you can find on there?!?!?!  I love it!

Today, I did a search on my name, out of curiosity…lol.  Search your name, it’s really neat all the information that comes up!  During this search, I discovered there are vessels, a mountain in New Hampshire, a city in France, a community in Kentucky and (my ultimate favorite finding), a comic strip named Nancy!
Apparently Nancy debuted in 1933.  I have never heard of this comic before today, but I’m already a fan.  This little 8 year old sounds like she suffers from a little fibro fog too!  She’s a bit of a daydreamer, has a bit of extra meat on her bones, and just seems like she could be a mini me on some days…LOL!  😉

Yes, today is one of those days that I’m easily amused by the little things in life 😉

Hope everyone has a great evening!

~ Gentle Hugs

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