Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day?

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What does today mean to you?

For as long as I can remember, even as a little girl, I always took part in Valentine’s Day celebration. It was celebrated in school and with friends. It has always meant more to me than the kind of love, which is celebrated between a couple.

I don’t ever remember my parents not making my sister and I part of the whole Valentine’s dinner and festivities. Even as a teenager I remember my parents buying me flowers and chocolates each year. I’ve always apreciated being included in the celebrations regarless of my relationship status at the time.

My husband and I have done the same, since we have had children. Valentine’s Day for us is celebrated as a family. Hubby and I have 364 other days of the year to chose from, that we can celebrate our love for each other ;).

My children, like most albeit, are vibrating with excitement over the fact that today is Valentine’s Day. My son has been doing the countdown all week…lol. You’d think it was Christmas all over or something.

So, today can be about whatever you chose it to be. I have known many people over the years that would rather pull their blankets up over their heads and stay in bed, than to face Valentine’s Day.

If you are someone who dreads today, I challenge you to take Valentine’s Day on this year, with a different attitude. Celebrate the love of a friendship over coffee. Surprise your Mom or Dad and take them out for dinner. Call your son or daughter to invite them over for lunch. Take your grandchild out for a hot chocolate or an ice cream cone.

One plan that cannot fail you today, is to do something for yourself that makes you happy. That may be treating yourself to your favorite hot drink and browsing through a bookstore, or soaking in a hot bubble bath with relaxing music and lit candles. You can celebrate the love you have for things that bring you joy in your life.

So, you see, today can be about what you want it to be, and I hope your day is happy and lovely no matter what you chose to do 🙂

I wish you, my dear readers, lots of love, peace & gentle hugs on this Valentines Day.

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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day?

  1. I love your challenge to people who normally dread the day. 🙂 It’s really an awesome thing, to think of it as a time to celebrate any sort of love, rather than forcing people who aren’t involved, or who don’t want to be involved, or whatever, to “celebrate” romance.

  2. I’ve always always loved valentines day, my family made it a big cute deal and I always had fun with friends and then eventually boyfriends. I just love everything about it and always will, single or taken.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Valentines Day
    Several years ago, I decided I was not going to do the “I’m single – whoa is me” thing anymore. So now I send myself flowers or chocolates. No one needs to know but me and it’s a lot of fun to have someone show up with them!

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