One Month Anniversary!


Today marks the one month anniversary since I began this blogging adventure at Chronic Connection! This last month has been so fulfilling to ME, myself, Nancy 😉 This is the only consistent project that is mine, that has nothing to do with filling a role as a Mom, or a wife, or a daughter…etc. It has been SO long since I have had something to call my own. It feels really good to have somewhere, where I can step out of my many rolls in life, and just be plain old me 🙂

In this past month, I’ve met so many great people, by joining the blogsphere. This new chapter has been a way for me to create something that is positive and that unites me with others, rather than fueling off my anger and frustrations of my illnesses. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments, as we all do, and I allow myself those “meltdowns” when I need them. However, once I have “emptied” myself of whatever negative feelings I’m having, I dust myself off and continue along my way 😉 Being here, has really reinforced within me some of my beliefs. One is that things really do happen for a reason. I have not always understood the reasons behind things that have happened in my life, however I continue to leave myself open to possibilities of discovering some of the “whys”. I have faith that I am always where I need to be in the moment. It is also my belief that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. Could be that we cross paths with someone in particular at a given time when we need them most, or they need us, or perhaps a bit of both. Life sure does work in mysterious ways, and each day is a brand new discovery.

Thank YOU so much for visiting, commenting and sending emails. I absolutely love checking in here and adding my thoughts to this blog. It really means a lot to know that someone is at the other end reading, and I love hearing from you.

For those of you who are reading quietly, I appreciate that you are here, and a part of this journey.  It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone and talk to faceless people on the internet…lol! It is especially difficult to talk about things that have turned our lives upside down. I’m a work in progress too! I have discovered that it does help me a lot to connect with others and share with those who are on similar journeys. I hope in time, my quiet readers might feel comfortable enough to share here too. I can assure you that this is a place where judgment and rejection does not exist. Comments are all moderated for that reason, to ensure that everyone’s comfort levels are respected.

This is me…reaching out my hand, for you to come along this journey too. You are not alone. Our illnesses can really isolate us, and most certain WILL, if we don’t put them in check and show them who’s in charge.

Each day, I keep working at reclaiming parts of me that I thought I had to leave behind when I got sick. Chronic Connection, is a path I’m glad to have taken to help me with this reclaiming process, and to let go of some of my fears.

Thank you again, for joining me in this crazy adventure called life, and I hope that you will continue to visit often!

(((Gentle Hugs)))

~ Nancy

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6 Responses to One Month Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary to you! I’m glad that you’ve found a place to be simply yourself, in addition to all those other roles that also make your life a happy one.
    I know I don’t always comment on everything, but please be aware that I do keep you in my thoughts and prayers. May the next month, and those that come after, be as rich as this last month has been.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations! I thought you had been around for years! You are such a pro at this! You go girl!

  3. Anonymous says:

    One Month Blogging
    I was just saying to my husband how happy I was to finally meet other people (through blogging) who truly understand what it’s like to be like me. Thank you Nancy for your courage to be willing to share a part of your life as it has helped me to know I am not alone in this.
    Congrats on your successful first month and may there be many many more.

    • Nancy says:

      Re: One Month Blogging
      Thank you so much!!! It truly means alot to me, for you to have taken the time to leave me that kind message 🙂
      I hope you are having a beautiful day!
      (((gentle hugs)))

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