Chasing A Cure


Have you ever found yourself in a vicious cycle of chasing a cure? Have you tried almost everything that holds a promise to put your FM into remission or even to cure it? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you are not alone. If you answered “no” to both questions, then maybe I’m standing alone. I would be very surprised if that was the case.

Trying every promised cure got old very quickly, but not before spending a load of money in hopes that "THIS" could be the ticket. My logic at the beginning of this journey was to try anything and everything, because I felt that I had nothing to lose. That something out there is bound to work for me! Unfortunately, with each new strategy I tried, to beat the beast, hope turned into disappointment when the beast came out on top, over and over again.

When you approach people at a very vulnerable time in their lives, it is not difficult to sell them on a new idea, because after all, we desperately want relief, and we have nothing to lose right?

I am the girl that thinks she is holding the winning lottery ticket on the very rare occasions that I buy one. However, at the same time, it’s no surprise, when I don’t even get one number! lol! You know? The excitement of playing the lottery and even though your odds of winning are smaller than the naked eye can see, there is still a chance. After all, someone somewhere wins the jackpot, so who’s to say it couldn’t be me? With the lottery of course, even if your hopes are high, realistically you already know that the odds are not in your favor ;). It is a fantasy that is short lived, but can be fun anyways.

Going into each experience with a "ticket" to wellness was different. My hopes were high, I was optimistic that each trial could be the winning "ticket", and I felt it was realistic to expect the amazing results that prompted me to try these routes, in the first place. I trusted that these herbs, supplements, medications, therapies, etc. would put my FM into remission or cure it all together, and then I could get on with my life. I did not expect that the results would be empty promises or false hope.

My attitude has always been to start each new med, treatment etc., in a positive frame of mind. To be optimistic that things will get better. Otherwise, why bother trying something new if you’ve already made up your mind that it won’t work? That being said, I find it particularly difficult to deal with the aftermath with each failed attempt to get well. It’s the feelings of disappointment, discouragement and despair that I have a hard time overcoming. This vicious cycle of trial and error can really feel like the possibilities of getting better is getting further and further out of my reach. That is hard to swallow. Somehow, we find it within ourselves to keep the flame of hope burning, even when everything we try is unsuccessful, all the while our health conditions continues to challenge us.

I think I have reached a milestone in this journey where I have gotten over the need to chasing a cure that has yet to be discovered. As we know there is no cure for Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue YET. Now, that is not to say that I have lost hope. There is still hope for all of us! Through this, I have gained trust and faith that when an effective treatment or a proven cure is discovered, the world will hear about it. I no longer fear that the secret to free me from a life of chronic pain and fatigue is something that only a select few are privy.  I know the cure isn’t right under my nose. I don’t have to dash from one med to another and place myself in harm’s way for health issues as a result from severe side effects. I’ve been there and done that, and the 2 hours of partial pain relief I got each day, wasn’t worth the terrifying side effects I had to endure 24/7 in addition to my regular daily symptoms.

However, I am very open and interested to hear other people’s stories. I want to know what fellow chronic pain survivors do to get through the day. Fibromites share most of the same symptoms, however our experiences vary greatly.

In closing, I wanted to mention that I came across a book online, which is written by a woman living with Fibromyalgia. It is her journey in “Overcoming” Fibromyalgia. Now, she does talk about recovering and curing FM without the use of medication. I’ve already shared my opinions on claims to cure, so I won’t repeat myself on that, however I would be interested in reading her story.  From what I can tell, she wrote this book with the intention of encouraging others, with a gentle approach.  She validate how debilatating these illnesses can be, and how they can impact our lives.  It could be very interesting, and it might present an opportunity to learn fresh coping skills. Should I order this book, I will read it with an open mind to suggestions; however I won’t be looking to it for a “cure”. Know what I mean? 

It you are interesting is finding out more about this book, it can be found at

"Overcome Your Fibromyalgia" by Cherie Stechly

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Please leave me a comment!

~ Gentle Hugs

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3 Responses to Chasing A Cure

  1. I think I’m definitely still in the position of willing to try almost anything to get some help. With the medication I’m on now, my FM is not severe, so that almost pushes me harder to find something else because I feel it would bring me closer to being able to ‘pass’ as ‘normal’.
    The disappointment and discouragement is really difficult to deal with though. So right now I’m sticking with the medications that I know help me at least a little bit, and working on doing things better in my life to cope. As you know, I signed up for that program, and I’m really looking forward to starting and seeing what that brings me.

    • Nancy says:

      Thanks for sharing. I do hope that your combinations of meds along with learning new coping skills and life changes, will be the “ticket” for you hon.
      My FM is severe and I have tried everything under the sun 😉 I’m accepting that this is my new normal, at least for now. The meds I’m on, aren’t working great for me, but it is as good as it’s going to get, unless something that actually works is developed, or they find a cure. I’m much more at peace with myself since I’ve begun to accept that it is, what it is, and stopped fighting against it. It felt like I was at constant war with myself, and 100% of my energy was searching for a cure, a solution, a secret that I was missing out on. It was severely disrupting the balance of my life 😉
      There is most certainly a process through all of this. Try to have faith that you are exactly where you should be, doing what you need to. I’m doing the same as you, trying to learn better ways of doing things, and coping skills.
      I really hope that the pilot program starts soon! I too am anxious to get started 🙂

      • I definitely have faith that I’m where I’m supposed to be – I believe in God and that everything happens for a reason and I know that this is just part of the plan for my life and it will be for my best in the long run.
        I’m glad you’re accepting where you are, one less fight in our lives is always good.
        I’m really looking forward to that project starting!

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