A Side of Patience Please!

Funny Graphic #15 


The first indication that today was going to be a long one should have been when I woke up and couldn’t find my glasses that I keep on my night table when I’m sleeping. My 3 year old daughter was awake and cuddled up with me in bed. “Honey, do you know where my glasses are?” Guilt is written all over her face….I’m assuming since I can barely see! She says to me “Mommy, you have to use your brain to find them”. I am NOT a morning person. I explain to her that I’m not able to play that game, since I cannot see without my glasses. She kindly retrieves them for me.


Here’s the next clue that today is going to be a long one:


Do you remember that game “Pick Up Sticks”? For those of you who are not familiar with this old school game, you hold a bunch of plastic sticks in a fist and then quickly let go of them, in hopes that they will fall in a tangled bunch. Each player takes a turn to remove one stick at a time, without disrupting any of the other sticks. If the player moves another stick in the process, their turn ends, and the next player goes. Honestly, I was never a big fan of this game, and I’m even less so now!

Unbeknownst to me, I would be engaging in my daughter’s version of this classic game, which I like to call “Pick Up Vermicelli”. Apparently, she was helping herself to a snack in the pantry when an opened package of Vermicelli went cascading onto the kitchen floor. This version of the game should only be attempted by advanced players! Oh, and if you can accomplish this feat while you are suffering from nerve pain in your hands, unsteady hands, and/or lack of fine motor coordination, you score bonus points! Beware, Vermicelli is rather fragile and the slightest pressure can cause your sticks to break into numerous fragile pieces.

All of this fun and it’s not even noon yet! I can hardly wait to see what the afternoon has in store!

Hubby is attending a work dinner meeting tonight, and I’m flying solo with the kids for 24 hours, so please keep me in your prayers today 😉

~ Gentle Hugs

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4 Responses to A Side of Patience Please!

  1. In this house, the version is called “Pick up Spaghettini”, and on days when I’m feeling less than graceful, house rules call for stomping all over the pieces until they’re small enough to be swept. I hate wasting food, but honestly, with how long it takes me to play “Pick up Spaghettini”, I wouldn’t have been eating it anyway.
    I hope the day eases up for you!
    (Your daughter sounds wonderful, too.)

    • Nancy says:

      LOL!!! No, I had no intentions of eating them either, and had my brain been a little less fibro foggy, I may have thought to stomp them into pieces :S
      Yes, my daughter is quite the little character, and I love her to pieces 🙂

      • I can understand brainfog – mine does it from lack of caffeine. (I really am trying to cut back, I swear!)
        Do you and your daughter have Cheerios fights? That was something that always happened at our place when my girl was young. I was so grateful all the time that we had nothing but hardwood flooring, given the Cheerios landmines she’d leave for me all over the place.

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