Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Having been dealing with this for over a year, I can said it is a very long, drawn out, exhausting and emotional process. It is very difficult to prove how debilitating invisible illnesses are! Decisions are made based on how greatly your symptoms impact your capabilities to do any type of work, even if it’s only part time.

The correspondance I get back from their office, blows my mind. It honestly makes me wonder if they actually read what is submitted, and whether they have any understanding whatsoever of how severe Fibromyalgia symptoms can be for many people.

Reading their explainations and reasons for denying your application can be extremely upsetting. Words have been twisted around to work against me, and statements have been made that insinuate that the information I am providing them with, can not be accurate. This make it pretty clear to me that someone out there seriously doesn’t "get it". I feel like a suspect in a crime, who is being interigated! Last time I checked, I never asked for these illneses. I haven’t committed any crimes here. I’ve painted a very real and clear picture of how my illnesses have become debilitating in my life. Everything I have submitted has been with the support of my doctor. In fact my doctor has written a number of times to support my application and assures them that my prognosis is poor, and that my disabilities prevent me from being able to pursue any type of employment. Yet somehow my reasons for denial still comes back to my health issues are neither prolonged or severe!?!?! Really!?!

Someone working on my application went as far as to say that my primary limitations are related to generalized pain, and are therefore psychological rather than physical barriers to work. Every single correspondance I have sent, I’ve had my husband and my doctor review for accuracy. As a matter of fact, I had my doctor, husband and a good friend help me with putting this information together to submit to them, as my cognitive abilities are quite hindered at times, which causes a great deal of frustration for me.

With the advancements that have been made in the studies of chronic pain, why are we still having to deal this this mindset? How are people still allowed to treat us as though this is all in our heads? Shouldn’t people reviewing applications and making these very important decisions be required to be educated on the illnesses that affect the people that they are giving decisions to?

So, now I am having to prepare for my hearing. I need to go through everything they have submitted in my file, and prepapre what I need to say, in my defence.

I’m SO sick and tired of this. It takes much more of me, than I have to give. I wish that handing my file to a lawyer, was an options, but financially it is not, so here I go, taking on a huge project that I neither have the physical nor mental capacity to deal with.

Please keep me in your thought and prayers. I really need them through this.

Thanks & Gentle Hugs to all!


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