Spring Is In The Air

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to ditch the jackets, boots and all the winter accessories that go with!

Today had me longing for open windows, birds chirping and flowers in the garden. It was a beautiful day outside and the sun was really warm. On the way home from dropping my son at school this morning, my daughter and I spotted some Canadian Geese, arriving home from their seasonal trip down south. It was just enough of a tease to have me daydreaming of spring.

The nice weather makes things so much easier, especially for us chronic folks, and even more so if you have to trail little ones around, everywhere you go.

I’m counting down the days that we won’t need to warm up our vehicles before going out, or clean 10 feet (okay, maybe it only feels like 10 feet) of snow off of them just to drive your children to school. With any luck those messy snowy days are over, however I know better than that, as where I live, we can still find ourselves braving a blizzard in March, or any other month for that matter…LOL! Mostly, I’m looking forward to not risking life and limb by having to confront icy walkways or parking lots!

Yes, I have a bad case of spring fever today.

What is your favorite season, and what do you most look forward to?

~ Gentle Hugs

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