Transition To Weekend

Sorry…you’ll have to speak up! My body is screaming so loud I can hardly hear myself think.

Oh my, it’s been a very long day! Apparently when my alarm went off at 7 this morning, I must have turned it off instead of snoozing it. I even picked it up and put it beside my pillow. I use the alarm on my bb, in case your thinking "why is this crazy chick hauling her alarm clock into bed with her".

The next thing I remember is my son waking me up with an ounce of concern in his tone. "Mom, wake up, it’s 7:40!". Crap! See, had I been in his shoes, I would have tiptoes downstairs quietly, as not to wake my Mom. I would have hoped that she would sleep REALLY late, and with any luck, by the time she woke up, she’d decide she may as well keep me home 🙂 I had no such luck as a child, as my Mom was up every morning at 5:30 or some crazy hour. Fortunately, my son loves school much more than I ever did, so up I got and set this squeaky and rusty body into motion.

By some small miracle, we were out the door 40 minutes later and on our way to school. Back home, got myself ready properly, ditched my daughter with a friend, and by 9:30 I was off to my class, through the Chronic Pain Centre. That alone was enough to send me packing, back to bed.

I have no idea how I managed through the hour and a half long class, but I did. I think half the class I was lost in thought though. The thought "if only there was a bed I could lie down on…" kept breaking my concentration. Luckily I’m not the only one who was squirming in my chair, moving around, standing up, and doing anything and everything to remain in the game. The thought of ditching class also crossed my mind, but I felt it was rude to just get up and leave. Instead, I did exactly what the occupational therapist is trying to emphasize that we should NOT do, which is pushing through our pain.

As much as I have really improved with pacing myself, there are always going to be certain times when I will have to push through my pain, and ironically enough, this was one of them. As long as I don’t do it often, and maintain a suitable pace, I think it works out in the long run.

As we transition into weekend mode, I’m going to remain cozy with my heating pad, and try to read a little before bed.

~Sweet Dreams and Gentle Hugs!

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