Chronic Pelvic Pain

According to the National Pain Foundation, researchers estimate that 12-20% of women suffer from chronic pelvic pain. Reports indicate that chronic pelvic pain is most common in women; however it is important to note that men also suffer from chronic pelvic pain that can be related to a chronic condition.

Like chronic pelvic pain, fibromyalgia statistics report that the majority of those diagnosed with FM are women. However, it is suspected that many cases of men who suffer with Fibromyalgia are often gone unreported and/or undiagnosed. I wonder if it is a similar situation with chronic pelvic pain.

Chronic pelvic pain is yet another complex condition, which can be a symptom an illness, yet it can be entirely its own condition all together.

Chronic pelvic pain can affect each person very differently. Some people may experience severe and constant pain, where as others may have pain that comes and goes.

Yesterday, the U.S. News & World Report published an article that I thought was interesting, and thought some of you may be interested in reading as well.

To read “Origin of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women Can Be Elusive” by January W. Payne, please click the following link

Do you suffer from chronic pelvic pain? Is it a symptom of another condition, or has it been diagnosed as a condition in itself?

I look forward to reading your comments!

~ Gentle Hugs

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4 Responses to Chronic Pelvic Pain

  1. I have hydrocephalus. That means there’s too much fluid in my brain, so they insert a surgical tube to drain the excess fluid elsewhere. Typical shunt placement is from the brain to the abdomen. That’s called a VP shunt.
    I had a shunt revision my senior year of HS. That was my 15th shunt procedure. After I woke up from the anesthesia, I had shooting pains in my pelvic area. The Maternal Unit told me she’d discussed it with my neurosurgeon’s nurse, who supposedly told her it was nothing to worry about, so nothing got resolved.
    Flash forward about a dozen years. I’d continued to have episodes of severe pelvic pain, fluid retention, etc. Finally, by Nov 03, I had so much fluid retention in my abdomen that I needed a total hysterectomy to correct the problem. When they opened me up for the surgery, they drained fifteen liters of fluid from my abdomen. They also discovered that, as a result of all my prior VP shunt placements, I had so much scarring in my abdomen that my entire reproductive system was effectively stuck to my intestines. My gyno had wanted to try to save my right ovary, because I was not yet 32 when I had the surgery and she wanted me to have normal hormone production. But things were so messed up internally, she ended up having to do a total hysterectomy.
    The only time now that I suffer from pelvic pain is on the rare occasions I attempt to have relations with my husband 😦

    • Nancy says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. You have been through so much. I admire your strength, my dear. It’s sad how chronic pelvic pain affects so many areas of our lives.
      (((gentle hugs)))

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chronic Pelvic Pain
    If there is no other medical explanation, I might suggest that chronic pelvic pain could be due to a rotated pelvis. There are muscles that attach to the front of the pelvis from both legs and quite often one side becomes tighter than the other side pulling the pelvic bone forward relative to the other side. This creates pelvic and SI joint pain as well as back pain. I wrote a blog about this as it relates to sciatic pain which you can check out if you like. Otherwise, I’ve also written a book, Fixing You: Back Pain, which talks about this. If it is a rotated pelvis, it can be corrected fairly quickly and easily using the TFL & Quadriceps Stretch from my book as well as a couple other exercises. Thanks for your article.
    Rick Olderman

    • Nancy says:

      Re: Chronic Pelvic Pain
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Rick. I really appreciate your input. I will take a hop over to your blog as well!
      I do have a great deal of issues with my hips and have had my SI joints pop out of place. Lots of ligament pain in the groin area too. You can bet I’ll be doing some research on rotated pelvis 😉
      Again, thank you so much, and it’s nice to “meet” you!

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