Catching Up

Fluttering Butterflies

This week sure is feeling long to me.  I’ve had my son home all week with a cold.  Spoke with his teacher today, and she said that she’s had 5 other students in the class missing, due to viruses.  My little man has been doing really well at school, and they are learning important math concepts right now, and just don’t want him getting behind.  We’ve been doing math sheets at home, and going over concepts, so hopefully, he’ll be on track next week, with the rest of the class. 

Today has mostly been spent trying to make child care arrangements, so that I can attend class 3 of 4 tomorrow, through the CPC.  I think I might finally have it all sorted out šŸ˜‰  Which reminds me that I never did my reading or "homework" from last week.  I’m such a bad student!

Well my dear friends, I’m off to get that reading done, before I forget again….  What are the odds that I’ll get distracted before I actually reach my reading material?  Any bets?  Odds are usually pretty high that I get distracted several times when I set out to do anything, and most often, I never actually end up doing what I originally intended…LOL! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

~ Gentle Hugs


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