Sunny Sunday

Today, I’m simply glowing with happiness.  I was able to sleep in until just after 10am, and I think that helped to give me a little boost.  Initially, I wasn’t quite sure how my day would unfold, as I had a pretty shaky start to the morning, however I did wake up with less startling pain than I normally do.

I’m trying really hard to get back to doing some of the things I enjoy, such as crafts.  If I can work on small projects, and break those down into steps, then I just might be able to enjoy crafting again.  So once my meds started to kick in, I decided it was a good day to head over to the bead store.  One of the crafts I enjoy, is beading.  My dear friend Jolene (at Graceful Agony) got me hooked on beads about 8 years ago 😉 lol  I like looking at and touching pretty colorful beads.  It makes me happy.

We piled into the van, so I could drop hubby and the kids off at the park, and I continued on to the bead store.  It is quite the challenge for me to get a good look at things when the store is crowded and there is so much to see, but I managed to find some very pretty shapes and colors to work with.  That was step one…going and getting what I for a few small projects.  I doubt that I will dive into making anything this afternoon, but hopefully I will tonight or tomorrow 🙂 

After I scooped the family up from the park, I was feeling particularly adventurous and suggested that we take a trip to the farmers market.  I LOVE that place!  I wasn’t able to stay long as my energy supply was starting to run low, and I didn’t want to run into a wall of pain, but we did get enough time to look around and enjoy some time out.  We got some of their yummy lollipops to enjoy on the ride home.  It was a perfect way to wrap up our little family outing.

We are now home, and hubby is helping our son with his homework, and I’m going to go rest for a bit and enjoy the sun shining through my bedroom window.

~ Gentle Hugs

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