Reflecting Back

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I’ve been reflecting back, over the last several years, and I’m amazed by how much life can change in such a short period of time.  I lived the first 5 years with Fibromyalgia being quite well managed, and it had actually gone into remission at one point. At that point I had no idea that this beast could come back with a vengeance and disrupt my entire life.

When it came back, it was in full force. At that time, I was working 5 shifts a week. My body was taking a brutal beating, as I continued to plow through the pain. My doctor was strongly urging me to stop working.  We really needed (and still do) the second income though, so I kept plowing ahead. I compromised with my doctor and requested my hours be cut in half at work. At that point things were going downhill very quickly. When cutting my hours in half still didn’t have a positive effect on my health, I dropped down to one shift a week.

Within a couple of weeks, I had to give up my job and go on sick leave.

My plan was to take a couple of months off, to get back on my feet and rebuild my health. At that point I was hoping to slowly reintegrate myself back into the workforce, and work my way up to a maximum of 3 shifts a week.

That, my friends, was 2 years ago, and unfortunately I’ve had to accept the fact that I haven’t been able to pursue any type of employment, and my doctor has doubts that I might ever be able to return to the workforce.  I want her to be wrong.  It would be so much easier on us financially, if I could even work one or two shifts a week, but physically, I know that it would be impossible. 

It has been a major adjustment, and sometimes I need to remind myself about the positives that have transpired from this situation.  First and far most, I get to enjoy more time with my family, and I have much more quality time with my husband, which I think has brought us even closer together.

I remember when I first stopped working, it was such a strange feeling to be eating supper with my family!  Since I worked evenings, I would be jetting off to work as soon as my hubby came home from putting in a full day himself.  By the time I got home from work, hubby was usually in bed, as he has to get up bright and early the next morning.  So, we were like two ships passing in the night.  Another positive is that I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off 😉  My days are no longer a race to the finish line.  I have had to learn how to take life much slower than what I had been accustom to.  It has taught me how to enjoy and appreciate each day more than ever before, and how to take in the "scenery"  😉  You know….stop and smell the roses 😉

Today, I encourage you to slow it down for a moment, and find something about today that brings you enjoyment.  It could be something as simple as relaxing with a hot cup of coffee, and really enjoying the aroma and taste.  Perhaps it’s warm outside, and the heat of the sun feels really good on your face.

Whatever it is, enjoy!

~ Gentle Hugs

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