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Good morning friends!

With each new day, I have had the opportunity to meet more and more people, who visit and read my posts.  It’s so inpiring!  I get a lot of enjoyment from meeting and getting to know readers!  So today, I’m asking for your feedback, and I hope you will help me 🙂  If we haven’t met yet, please introduce yourself. 

Don’t be shy 😉  I appreciate your support, and would like to get to know each of you. 

What I would like to know:

– What do you enjoy reading at Chronic Connection?

– What would you like to see less of?

– What topics would you like me to write about, that you haven’t seen here yet?

– Do you have any other suggestions or comments you would like to send me?

Please help me to reach a better understanding of who my audience is, and what might be of interest to you.  Please only provide information you are comfortable providing.  I respect your privacy!

Some things that I would love to know about you:

– What is your name or "username"

– What country do you live in?

– What is your age bracket (ie: 20s, 40s, 60s)

– Aside from topics regarding fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome, are there any other health issues that impact your life, that you wish there was more awareness about?

– What topics, not related to health, do you enjoy talking about?
– Do YOU have a blog(s)?  If so, please send me the URL(s), as I would love to check it(them) out!  I’m a blog reading addict 😉

I really do appreciate your time and energy that you spend at Chronic Connection and for helping me create such a wonderful community!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you SO much, and look forward to your feedback!!!

Please submit your feedback to with the subject field "feedback".

Thank you so much!  You rock my blogworld 🙂

(((Gentle Hugs)))


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