Weather Being A Major Impact

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This morning our city woke up to a little more than a dusting of snow. The beautiful blue sky I had hoped to see when I opened my blinds, was cluttered with big heavy looking gray clouds. Does it not seem to be harder to get going on these days? The deep aching going from my back, into my hips, down my legs and shattering in my knees should have been the first hint of what I would see out my window this morning.

As the day progressed, most of the snow melted, thanks to the sun which managed to burn through the clouds. It was sure nice to feel the warmth of the sun this afternoon. Were I live, the weather changes in the blink of an eye. This can be very challenging when managing chronic illnesses that respond to change in temperatures and climate. Like many fibromites, I experience various types of pain throughout my body. Sometimes this mixed bag of pain is all at the same time, and sometimes it is at different times.

Dare I say that I almost "adjust" to a certain t, type of pain, and when it transitions into another type (especially the deep intense aches that feel like they are set deep in the bones), it feels like I’m being taken out of my element. Does that make any sense to you, or is it just me? It’s almost like you assimulate to what is farmiliar, and when it changes, you find yourself grasping at straws….kind of like "oh oh…now what?". Given how often the pain morphs into different types and intensity of pain so often, I guess that leaves me grasping at straws alot. However, I will give myself due credit by saying that I do seem to transition better now than I used to.

Tomorrow, we are being promised a full day of sun! I’m holding the weather network to that, as I intend to absorb a wee bit of vitimin D and enjoy some of that sunshine with my family 🙂
Wherever you are this weekend, I hope that the weather is being kind to you, and that you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sun too!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you will be back soon!

~ Gentle Hugs

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2 Responses to Weather Being A Major Impact

  1. Anonymous says:

    I definitely notice how the weather will impact my ability to cope. I always have a lot more pain when it is very cold outside, raining, or snowing.
    I also have problems when the biometric pressure changes dramatically.
    Sunshine and warmth are my favorites.
    I lived in AZ for almost a year and the dry heat really helped the FMS. It helped some with my cognitive problems, but it actually sapped my energy when it got over 90.
    I wish I could find a place to live where it is dry heat and 50-90 every day of the year! Does such a place exist?

    • Nancy says:

      Yes, barometric pressure is another factor!
      I don’t know if such a place exists, but if you find it before I do, please let me know 😉

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