Vitamin Cocktails

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Information about vitamin infused IV cocktails keep showing up in Canadian health news. It is reported that Canadians are becoming increasingly interested in this treatment offered by some alternative practitioners. People are pursuing this alternative treatment for various conditions and illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
To learn more about what seems to becoming a more popular treatment option that Canadians are trying, please copy and paste the following link into your browser.

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4 Responses to Vitamin Cocktails

  1. Anonymous says:

    Drive-by Hug and other minutiae
    Hi Nancy!
    I’ve been so busy, I wanted to stop by and give you a hug.
    I’ve had vitamin IVs and they didn’t really do anything for me. I’ve had more benefit from taking high quality B vitamins in pill form. My only reasoning is that there is a limit to how much vitamin the body can absorb at one time. Small daily doses seem to work better for me.
    I hope you are doing well!
    Hug and a smile,
    April 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Re: Drive-by Hug and other minutiae
      It’s always so good to hear from you! I was thinking about you yesterday and realized that it’s been awhile 😉
      Thank you so much for your input on this topic! I think it is so important to hear from people who have tried various methods first hand!!!
      I too think that our bodies can only absorb and process so much.
      Did you feel any difference what so ever, even short term?
      This treatment is totally foreign to me, but I’m coming across this topic more and more!

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Drive-by Hug and other minutiae
        I’m sorry I didn’t come back to read your reply until now. I keep forgetting to do that!
        About the vitamin IV’s–I noticed a teeny bit more energy THAT day, and a little more the next, but then that was it.
        For me, it wasn’t a significant enough result to warrant sitting through another IV. I acheived the same result with taking B vitamins orally.

        • Nancy says:

          Re: Drive-by Hug and other minutiae
          Thanks for coming back and giving us more info 🙂
          I hope you have a great day April!!

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