Creative Socializing

It can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to maintain a social life with chronic illness. If it wasn’t for my Blackberry keeping me connected to the rest of the world, I think I’d be over half way to becoming a hermit.

Between dealing with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and all the other symptoms that accompany them, who feels like having people over, or going out? Not me!

It sure is a part of my life that I miss though, as I’ve always been socially outgoing.

Last night a friend and I got the idea to hang out for awhile via webcam, and play some games online. I had so much fun! It’s the next best thing to being in the same place at the same time. We laughed and had a great time, and it finally felt like a managed a bit of social time 🙂

Sometimes I think it’s necessary to get a little creative in order to be able to enjoy some of the things we now find more challenging.

What creative ways have you tried, to enable social activity in you life?

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4 Responses to Creative Socializing

  1. Hubby and I try to go out to dinner at least once a week. Sometimes by ourselves, sometimes with the inlaws, sometimes with OtherSteve, sometimes with a family (mom/dad/2 kids) hubby’s good friends with. Hubby occasionally complains that he “doesn’t see the point” in going out to eat. He considers food to be “nothing more than fuel”. When he starts in on that, I remind him that, but for him, I’d be staring at four walls 24/7, and going out to dinner once or twice a week is not, imo, too much to ask. I love my husband dearly, he just honestly forgets that, since I can’t drive, that really limits my ability to do things and go places when he’s not around.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a great idea!
    Nancy, that web-cam thing is a great idea. I’m gonna try that out as soon as I learn how to skype.
    My problem is that I’m probably not creative enough. My biggest rule is that I have to set time limits on activities so that I don’t exhaust myself or trigger pain.
    I text and email a lot too.
    Hugs! ~april

    • Nancy says:

      Re: That’s a great idea!
      I’ve never checked out how to skype either, and should probably make an attempt to learn 😉 I webcam through MSN messenger live.
      Setting rules is important, and good for you if you don’t break them 😉 I break all my own rules :S lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    My only socializes is with my Sis, we love to shop. We don’t go to big stores, and if I get tired I just find someplace to sit. Then we go to McDonalds for a happy meal. Sounds really boring but she makes it fun for me.

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