Abandoning Ship

(Image from WeHeartIt)


I have not been around in the last week nearly as often as I had hoped that would!  My son was on spring break this week, so I had my hands full with both kids and trying to keep them busy and happy.
Today we woke up to our dear geriatric dog with a major abscess right below her eye.  She had been pawing at it, so it was all raw and bleeding.  Not a pretty site at all.  Took her to the animal hospital, and came home with a cone and antibiotics.  Poor pup is lying on my bed with the cone on her head and is looking really sad.

This week I may very well have my hands full with my pup.  Today she has required more attention than a newborn baby!  I suspect it will continue to be that way until she is feeling better.  Top of the priority list for tomorrow is to give my pup and daughter a ton of TLC while my son is at school.

I promise to come back and write more when I am more awake, and I have a chance.

I’ve been wanting to comment, on so many of the blogs I have read recently, but haven’t had a chance to do that either :S

So, if you don’t see me around for awhile, please don’t give up on me 😉

I hope all of my wonderful readers are doing well!!


Sending you all lots of love and gentle hugs!

~ Nancy
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