It’s Starting To Look Up

(Photo from WeHeartIt)
The fatigue is finally starting to lift and I am beginning to feel somewhat human again 🙂  It’s another beautiful, warm evening, and the sun is starting to set behind the buildings.  It’s yet another couple of reminders of how precious the "good" days are, and why it’s important to savor the moments between flares and crashes.  I’ve been taking it pretty slow the last couple of days, for fear that I will end up sleeping away another week of my life if I over do it, however I have still managed to accomplish a few tasks.

This week is week 4 of the online workshop.  It is suggested to complete the learning sessions early in the week, so that you have an opportunity to work on your action plan during the week.  Well, last week, I arrived at the finish line on Friday afternoon :S  Oopsy…sorry, but I was in hibernation mode.  This week, I’m happy to say that I completed the lesson this morning, and I have already completed my action plan *beaming*.  In all fairness, I went really easy on myself with this weeks plan, which I figured was better than bailing out of it all together…lol (which is what I had to do last week).

Tonight, I’m going to catch up on some shows with the hubby and try to do a few more rows on the pretty crochet scarf I’m making 🙂  I can’t wait to finish it, and post some pictures.  I’m so EXCITED 🙂  It’s the first crafty kinda project I’ve attempted in a long time, and it’s taking me forever, but I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment anyway!

Hope everyone is having a nice evening.  I’m glad to be back with a few more ounces of energy, than I did a couple of days ago, and am hoping that the rest of the week will only get better!

~ Gentle Hugs


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