Sleepy Saturday

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Good Morning 🙂

Yesterday was such an awesome day! It was my birthday, and I enjoyed a really nice dinner out with my hubby and kids, despite the agony of sitting in a booth for over an hour. The bellini I was drinking helped me somewhat to stay distracted, long enough to eat and enjoy my family 🙂 I swear, it tasted like they put a double shot in it! Lol! I did go straight home to my heating pad afterwards, but it was worth it!

I also received a package from my sister. She spoiled me way too much! My gifts are from the beautiful gift store that she owns, and that I adore!

Have you noticed, Mother nature seems to be very confused lately!? Today I woke up to rainy snow. Blah! This whole week has been inflicted with yucky weather, which doesn’t help us chronic folks! Fortunately, and unfortunately, I left a whole lot of reading to do with my son, until the last minute. It has to get done today, for him to be ready for his first communion tomorrow. At least he won’t feel like he’s missing out on playing outside in the sunshine :p

I’m quite nervous about how I’m going to survive those hard wooden pews tomorrow. Last night, the seats were well padded and after about 15 minutes, my body was screaming. I have a feeling I’ll be heading straight home to lie on my heating pad again :S How can something so simple, cause so many problems…lol.

Well, I best be getting myself in gear for a long day of completing that workbook :S

Wish me luck! 😉

I hope you are all doing well, and that the weather is cooperating in your neck of the woods!

~ Gentle Hugs

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2 Responses to Sleepy Saturday

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you had lovely weather for the First Communion Day! (I thought I was the only one that waited until the last minute to do important things!) Hope you did well through the long ceremony.

    • Nancy says:

      Re: HI
      Hi 🙂
      Yes, unfortunately I often leave everything to the last minute. I was never like that before. Oh well, it is what it is…lol. The day was long and challenging, but I I survived!
      Thanks for thinking of me!
      I’m rather frustrated with livejournal today. I can’t seem to post in my “journal” and it’s really starting to become frustrating. I sent a message to tech support, but haven’t heard anything yet.

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