Monday Goal Setting

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Is it really already Monday again?

It’s the second week of goal setting Mondays at Chronic Connection! I would love to see everyone get involved with your own goals this week! It can be absolutely anything that you really need or want to get done, but have been putting off. For example, getting regular household chores done, reorganizing a certain area of your home, or getting rid of things you no longer use or want. With larger projects, it often helps to brainstorm on how to take one goal and break it down into several smaller steps. If you have something you want to get done, but are intimidated to try, I’m sure many of us would be happy to try and help with ideas and suggestions.

A goal can also be something that you know will bring you happiness or comfort, that you haven’t done for awhile. Maybe you are having a week that you really just need some down time, and don’t think you will be up for any physical tasks. Do you like to read before bed, or have a nice bubble bath in the evening, or enjoy listening to some soothing music while you do stretches. Maybe you just want to grab a chair outside and sit under a tree, and just take it all in. We often forget to focus on these replenishing activities, that can help build us for the ones that require more from us, in the physical sense.

Setting goals leaves you open to so many possibilities! It gives you something to work toward, and a sense of accomplishment once you are making your way toward achieving that goal. Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed. The purpose of setting goals isn’t to stress you out. It is to make you feel good about yourself, that you are accomplishing things! Accomplishments feel great, and give us a boost 🙂 If I can do it, I have confidence that you can too.

Most importantly keep it realistic and choose something that you are highly confident you can accomplish in 7 days…or even stages of something you want to get finished over the next 4 weeks…etc.

I admit, it was difficult to decide what to set as my goals for this week. There is a list of things I WANT to try and do, and then there is a list of things that I NEED to try to get done 😉 It’s obviously a no brainer to figure out which list I would prefer to work on…lol

SO… I’ve decided to find a balance between both 😉 Balance is good 😉 That being said, it will all depend on how this week plays out. I feel like I’ve spent the last several months in bed either due to pain or fatigue. Oddly, it’s not often both at the same time. The two evils tend to tag team me.

Okay! This week my goal is to get one hour a day of something (anything) productive done at home. This hour a day will surely be broken into smaller blocks of time and it won’t involve anything that will throw me over the edge. Now, for my non-chronic readers, don’t you dare laugh! 😉 It’s better to accomplish things this way, than to go full speed ahead for an hour or two and then land yourself in bed for the remainder of the week. Wouldn’t you agree?

You would be amazed what you can accomplish when you focus 100% of your attention on a task for 15 minutes at a time. Getting my online banking done will be top priority. I don’t know what I would do now without the option to bank online. It makes my life SO much easier. I also need to go through the kids’ drawers and closets and pull out clothes that they have outgrown. This week, I’m only going to focus on my daughter’s room, since I did my son’s the last time. I still have items stored in my daughter’s closet, from when she was a baby. If I can get that stuff dealt with, I’ll have much more room in her closet! Some things in her room, I’ll have to recruit my hubby to help with, but there is plenty little light things for me to do in there, as long as my body is willing to cooperate! My daughter actually enjoys being my "helper", so that is a bonus 😉

My "reward", and second goal will be to put some time aside each day to read :). This of course falls into a goal of things I want to do, that brings me happiness. I borrowed an ebook online from the library, which expires in 6 days. I’ve had it for 2 weeks and have barely read 100 pages. It is an easy read, but I just haven’t felt well enough, or had the attention span to read. So, that is my plan, to finish this book before it expires!

This my friends is my plan for the week. The only obstacles I can foresee messing this up, are the pain and fatigue, depending how I am this week.

So what do you say??? Who’s in with me this week? What are your goals, and how are you planning to accomplish them?

Wishing everyone a good start to your week!

~ Gentle Hugs

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6 Responses to Monday Goal Setting

  1. My goal is school related, like last week. Blake will be arriving in a few hours, and of course I’m over the moon! I’ve gotten some work done in advance but I do still have homework that I’ll need to do while he’s here. So my goal this week is to not neglect my studies, as much as I’d like to! 😉

    • Nancy says:

      You did an awesome job meeting your goal last week and even surpassing it by getting other things done 😉 I bet you’ll do it again this week too! Have an awesome day with your boyfriend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nancy, I so enjoy reading your blog, but I haven’t really been doing much reading lately. I have been so tired lately and very busy. My sister Karen (Mono Girl) is still very sick. I had to take her to two different places this week, one doctor visit and to the hospital for some tests. The two of us together must be a sight…both so tired and looking like hell. Then, my Mom’s regular bi-weekly hospital visit for an IV infusion of heart meds, it takes 4 hours! Then the doctor tells me her hemoglobin is low (8.4) so she had to go back to the hospital 2 days later for 2 units of blood…8 hours!!! I have been coming home and passing out. BUT with the help of my 2 sons my laundry is all done! For a few days at least. My goals for this week is to make dinner everyday, and vacumm the whole house. Let’s see if I can do that huh?? Hope your Baby-Girl is feeling great and that she had a nice b-day despite the flu.

    • Nancy says:

      Re: Goals?
      Thanks so much Mo. It really means alot to hear that you enjoy reading here 🙂 I enjoy that you read and comment here! 😉 I can’t believe your poor sister is still dealing with this mono! Most of all, that you are still plowing through each day with all the added responsibilities and stress with your sister and Mom needing your help. I’m so glad that your sons have been helping you by keeping the laundry under control! One less thing to worry about! Do you have a crockpot? Those can be such an energy saver for us! Throw the food in in the morning, and have your dinner all reading when you get home from all your running around. Be gentle with yourself. Especially the vacuuming. Maybe someone else can handle that for you, and give your body a much deserved break!!!
      Keep you all in my thoughts (((hugs)))
      My little one is doing much better. She did have a bit of a set back today, but hopefully tomorrow will be a big improvement 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have a little something waiting for you on my blog hon… 🙂 Hope it adds some sunshine to this dreary day…
    Love ya!

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