Keeping Track

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Recalling what, when, why and how can be next to impossible for many of us.

Fibro fog can be one of the most frustrating symptoms of FMS and CFS for many! Do you live in a world surrounded by constant reminders to help you stay on track? Maybe you stick post-it notes all over your house, or keep a written agenda that you refer to several times a day.

My Blackberry is my "personal assistant" that keeps me on track with alarms going off several times a day, reminding me what I should be doing at what time. Written lists don’t work well for me, because I don’t even think to look at them. So unless they are mounted on the wall with a neon flashing sign, they are useless to me 😛 Same goes for the calendar on the wall. It works well for the rest of the family, and they rely on it to know what is going on. I rarely even give it a second glance after I’ve flipped it at the beginning of each month (and even that doesn’t always get done!) 😉

Over a year or so ago, I realized the importance of keeping track of my symptoms, daily activities, medications, how I react to them, along with any negative side effects. I also have a running list of questions and concerns I want to mention at my next doctor’s appointment. Last but not least, I have notes which summarize what was discussed at each appointment, and what our short term goals are until the next appointment. What I really need to work on, is keeping track of the foods I eat! I’ve tried to get myself into that routine, however it always seems to fall through.

Wow, that’s a lot of tracking and notes! LOL! Don’t you find that managing ourselves is a full time job in itself? Seriously!

That being said, I have found myself creating numerous files to keep track of everything. I know for sure that sometimes I’m in a rush, but want to type it in so I don’t forget. So I end up creating a new file with the intention of merging them at a less busy time. But guess what happen? Yup, I forget! Lol

Personally I would be lost if I didn’t track it all in some way. In most cases, too many things happen in between appointments to trust my poor memory.

You all have a heads up about what my "Monday Setting Goals" will be 😉

How much information do you track when it comes to your meds, symptoms, concerns? Do you find it is helpful to do so?

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2 Responses to Keeping Track

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had to look at my Blackberry to figure out what I keep track of.
    Dekker’s Need list
    Grocery List
    Herbal List
    Movies I want to buy
    Netflix rentals
    Paper and Products list
    Quick trips
    Weight Loss
    Writing Ideas
    Hmmm….do I even have room to track anything else?

    • Nancy says:

      No worries Dominique, you still have TONS of room in your bb to track things :P. I SERIOUSLY, have over a hundred memos in my bb :S Can you see why I need to merge some info 😉 lol. I pretty much track my entire life in my bb though, so if I every lost it, I’d be in BIG trouble! I really should do backups more regularly!

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