Monday Goal Setting

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Good evening! How was everyone’s weekend? I’m a bit late posting today. It’s been a bit of a crazy day, so I’m squeezing this in before my meds plow me over. Hopefully it will all make sense 😛

Since I didn’t get a chance to do a check in on last week’s goals yesterday, I will quickly do that now 😉 If you set goals last week, please leave a comment for us, to let us all know how it went!

So, last week, my first goal was to spend an hour each day (broken into however many small time blocks that I needed to) focusing on things that really needed to get done. I left it open to work on anything that I would consider to be productive, however I did want to make banking and organizing my daughter’s room a priority. As a "reward", my second goal was to give myself equal time, to read an ebook I had borrowed from the library, because I wanted to finish it before it expired on Sunday 😉

Last week came with quite a few curve balls, some of which I mentioned in my last post. I did get my banking done, which was my top priority. As for my daughter’s room…not a chance! Lol I walked in, and walked right back out. It was just too much to deal with, so this weekend I got my hubby to help me by moving some stuff around to make my part easier for the next time I attempt to deal with her room 😉

Although my original plans changed, I managed to get equivalent to an hour a day of productive time in, if I averaged the time out during the week ;). Not bad 😉 The best part is, I finished my borrowed ebook in the nick of time! That made me happy 🙂

As for this week, I have a bit of a head start. I made a quick call this morning to get squeezed into see my doctor this afternoon. That was on my list…do I still get points for it? I feel like I cheated! 😉 Next goal is to make an appointment with the Pharmacist who owns the Pharmacy, so that we can get on the same page, and her staff can stop screwing up my prescriptions. After 6 weeks of this, it getting a little old. Next goal is to get one load of laundry per day done. Hubby does all the transporting for me, so as long as I can get down there, that’s my plan! Otherwise, I want to get all the things I track, merged into a systematic method to make it easier for quickly finding everything. Those are my goals for the week!

Can I do it? I guess we’ll see!

What are your goals this week! I want to know 🙂

Good night!

~ Gentle Hugs

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4 Responses to Monday Goal Setting

  1. maureenk83 says:

    Sounds like you have been keeping right on track with your goals. I on the other hand…..! I did manage to make dinner a few times during the week, and I didn’t burn or ruin anything. I used my crockpot too, it is really a life saver. Tomorrow it’s either chili or tacos, haven’t decided yet. I didn’t get the house vacumned, oh well, I’ll get to it someday.
    This weeks goals? Give the fridge a super cleaning, finish my son’s student loan papers, and still try to have a dinner ready for my guys when they get home. Wish me luck!
    Took Mom for her infusion today and it knocked me out. I’ll pay for it tomorrow!

    • Nancy says:

      Re: Goals
      I totally agree! Crockpots make life so much easier! We’ve been using ours more in the last couple of weeks. Making dinner at supper time has become next to impossible for me, so with the crockpot I put it on the low setting so I can get it done early in the day when I feel somewhat human enough to function in the kitchen. The best part is, it doesn’t take long to throw everything in, and walk away 😉
      Sounds like you are taking the bull by the horns this week Mo!!! lol Fridge cleaning needs to make it onto my goals list soon, but I’ll probably save it for a weekend, when I can recruit an assistant….ahem…aka HUBBY 😉
      Take good care of yourself and remember to rest enough and not overdue it!
      Good luck with your goals this week!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have all my chores broken out of 5 days and I do one every day.
    I also need to get Invisible Awareness finished so I can proceed forward with the launch.
    I need to get my herbs, dekkers herbs, and paper/cleaning product list put together so I can order them on the 1st.
    And I need to work on my first column this week.

    • Nancy says:

      Wow! You go girl! Awww….even lil Dekker has an herb list 🙂 That is so cute!!!
      I have no doubt your will do very well with your goal list Dominique!
      Sending positive vibes this week, for you to be feeling well enough to achieve what you have planned. Just don’t over due it 😉 That’s the hardest part…pace, pace, pace, so we don’t crash, crash, crash…LOL
      Sending a ton of love your way!

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