Monday Goal Setting

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What’s on the agenda peeps?

This week I’m setting a goal for myself that I NEED to accomplish for a variety of reasons. It is one that I’ve put off for too long, for fear of not succeeding.

For a little background, please refer to a much earlier post this year titled Here’s The Situation. Yup, I’m still having issues with this side effect from one of my medication. My body has built up a tolerance to the medication now, so most of the time, I’m giving into my cravings once my meds kick in, and I’m fully aware of what I’m doing. When this first started, I never had any memory of it, so I felt less guilty about it 😛 So, I mostly crave sweets late at night, and have put back on the few pounds that I did manage to shake, plus a few more :S It HAS to stop!

It doesn’t make temptations any easier to resist when my hubby keeps us stocked with sweets. I love you honey, but the sweets have got to go! It’s not doing my health (or weight) any favors, and it’s certainly not doing the rest of my family any favors. I’m not quite sure when sweets went from being a treat in moderation, to being a daily occurrence, but I think it is time to back up the boat.

The reason I’m making this a goal here rather than keeping it a personal goal to myself, is that it forces me to be accountable for my actions 😛 I know that if I’m not accountable to someone, at least in the beginning, it will make it much too easy to give into my cravings, and get away with it. Seriously, it’s gotten ridiculous, and I need to get a grip on this before I get too far in over my head.

When I got pregnant with my son, I was already carrying extra weight on my bones. Needless to say, after having my son, I was carrying even more 😛 When I set my mind to it, I managed to shed 58lbs and fit into a size 6. That was a major accomplishment for me! I maintained a healthy weight until I got pregnant with my daughter. Even then, I dropped a lot of the baby weight that was left from my last pregnancy. It certainly helped that I was very active physically. After I got sick, the pounds slowly crept back on, due to inactivity because of my health.

It is not uncommon for those of us suffering from chronic pain and chronic fatigue to gain weight due to medication side-effect and difficulty maintaining a regular exercise routine. That being said, we do have control over the dietary choices we make. It’s one thing for someone who is making all the best food choices and still having trouble shedding the pounds. It’s a whole different ball game when you can honestly say to yourself that there is lots of room for improvement with food choices (that’s me!). It’s not going to be easy! If I can do it once, I can do it again, and I think I’m ready to take the plunge! I have less to drop this time, so hopefully that help 😀

My goal for this week, is to set the pace for healthier food choices! Unfortunately, this will also involve a discussion with my hubby about what comes into our house. This was so much easier to control when I was able to do all the groceries 😀 It won’t be easy, but it will be well worth it in the long run, for the whole family!

Now it’s your turn!

What are your goals this week? Do you have any personal goals that you have been scared to commit to too, for fear of not succeeding?  Let us cheer you on!

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3 Responses to Monday Goal Setting

  1. Anonymous says:

    weight and loss
    How did you loose weight? I’m suffering with Lupus Nephritis and Microscopic Microangiitis, on chemo and steroids, gained 50 pounds, and am trying to shed the weight that is cracking my hips and knees. I’m extremely careful about what I eat. Can’t have more than 45 grams of protein in a day. Vegan diet (with low-fat plain yogurt as a cheat once in a while). For the last year, no whole grains, nothing green. Now I can start incorporating whole grains and greens but must be vigilant in counting the potassium going into my body. I just don’t have a clue as to how to start shedding the weight.

    • Nancy says:

      Re: weight and loss
      It is definitely a bigger task for us chronic girls. This is my first really serious attempt since I got sick, so I’ll have to wait and report results as I go.
      Before I got sick, I was mostly too busy to implement a regular exercise program, however I was very active. Busy running about after my son, and playing with him, housework, working…etc. So I still got more activity than I do now. Had to stop working 2 years ago…
      So, when I lost all the weight the first time, I was very strict about no sweets or treats until I saw decent progress, and then I would allow myself a treat now and then. I also cut out all pasta or breads. Again, once I was on a steady road to dropping the pounds I worked pasta and breads back in, in moderation. I drank lots of water too! I ate lots of fruits and vegetables, and opted for the lowest fat options when buying any products at the grocery store. It took me about 2 years to shed 58 pounds, but I never when up and down. I slowly, but continuously lost it and kept it off….that is until I had another baby 😉
      I hope it works for me this time around again! I’m only on day 2 of following my rules, so I have a while to go, to evaluate how I’m doing….fingers and toes crossed.
      I wish you the very best with your weight loss goal!
      Another thing for me, was to not look at the BIG picture. Saying I have to from “weight” down to this “weight”. That felt defeating from day one. My goal was to always to get into the next lowest bracket. Example: 158 lbs…the goal should be 149, and then you’re ready to set the next goal from 149 to 139. That worked for me. I celebrated each step closer to my big goal, but kept my focus on the smaller goals.
      Hope this helps!!!!

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