A Little Peace of Mind!

Good morning!  I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! 

Please bear with me today, as my brain feels more like scrambled eggs, than an efficiently functioning organ 😉  If I talk in circles or have trouble expressing myself, please know that I’m not crazy, I’m just struggling with a cloudy mind (aka: Fibro Fog).  I thought today would be a good day to talk a bit about the topic or memory 😉


Do you ever worry about your memory, or lack there of?  Do you wonder if the memory problems you experience are considered normal things that happen to everyone, or are real concerns to have checked by your doctor?  You are not alone!

With fibro fog being so thick on most days, I occasionally worry that my poor memory and slow thought process is something of a bigger concern.  My doctor has reassured me that my symptoms are indeed related to my Fibromyalgia and that I am not losing my mind, even when it feel like I am 😉

Last week a friend mentioned that Dr. Oz was having a show on Chronic Pain.  So, I tuned in to watch, and there must have been some sort of mix-up because he didn’t cover Chronic Pain in that day’s episode, however he did have a segment on Alzheimer’s Disease.  Alzheimer’s Disease  hits close to my home, as I watched my grandmother suffer with this horrible disease for 12 years.  Dr. Oz had a specialist explaining this disease and to explain memory issues with regular aging, versus memory issues that could be cause for concern.  There was only one "screening" type of question.  A list of words were shown on the screen to read, and then later in the show, people were asked to recall as many of those words as possible.  Based on the number of words remembered, people could see how well (or poor) they scored on that question.  I failled miserably on this question :S  Fibro fog was very thick that day, and I know that’s the reason why I did so poorly, however it still concerned me.  At 33 years old, I feel I should have done much better.

If you are interested in taking a short memory function quiz, Dr. Oz has one posted on his website.  The quiz is based off the Department of Veterans Affairs (VAMC) St. Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) examination.  Of course, this is not to be used to self-diagnose or treat issues on your own.  If you have any concerns with your memory or thought process, it is always best to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

The link for the memory quiz is:


After having taken the quiz, I have to admit, it made me feel better about my cognitive abilities 😉

My results were as follows:

Answered 23 of 25 questions correctly!  Yay ME! 😉

My score: 92%

What this means:
90% – 100% Good: Continue what you are doing. Keep fit. Eat right. Challenge your mind. Remain socially active.

Please share your comments with me!  If you do the quiz, I would love to hear how it went! 

~ Thank you for visiting today, and I hope you will come back often! ~


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